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Saygın Construction is one of a large family and is active in the construction sector for 3 generations since 1972. It builds structures by using comfort and technology considering the evolving and changing present conditions with 45 years of knowledge and experience to meet the needs of our times.
In the construction sector Saygın Construction shows in all projects that it gives respect to human life with the constructs that have been built in the prestigious locations of Aegean region centering aesthetics, quality and confidence factors.
If you want to bring peace and comfort to your home in your daily stressful and tiring life and experience the quality and technology, it will be pleasure us to see you Saygın Contruction group offices.

Brand Values

In the sector where we are now, Saygın Construction brand values is a set of values that the customers we work together and the things we add to our business
partners, we develop and with the help of the values that we created again to our community.
To use all the resources we have, in line with needs, expectations and satisfaction for our customers.
To adapt the city environmental, historical and cultural fabric in our projects.
To produce suitable habitats by appealing to the values of society, with fulfilling the necessary architecture of the era by our
management team, technical and administrative staff.
Serve to improve the living standards and development of communal living.
To implement all our projects by using the advanced technology, the right solution partners, usage of quality materials, modern architectural and engineering
services by melting in the same pot.
Contribute to the economy by creating new jobs with our policy of continuous productivity.
Support the urban renewal projects in order to prevent unplanned and illegal construction.
Build secure living space in terms of natural disasters and public security.


Produce fast and high-class, add value to life.
Protect the natural tissue, respect to life.
Ensure continuity of service, support life.
Do not be the architect of a building, be the architect of life.

Our Vision

Without breaking the bonds of the individual’s nature, to ensure modernity, architectural and high-level technology and by this
means without losing sight of life architecture philosophy we set an example to the world to build prestigious constructions
which are based on respect for human and nature.

Our Mission

To offer the ongoing need for housing to human coming from the first age surrounded by natural and modern amenities.
Primarily by establishing a complete social, sporting and cultural activities to fit a durable ground of natural housing need.
Then to move human to future by using modernity, architectural excellence and intelligent usage of technology and thus to glorify.